Go Green!

Green Irrigation

It is a common misconception that depletion of plant health is due to a lack of water. This is not always the case. Over-watering suffocates the growth of the plant, stunts root development and is bad for our environment. Our team knows that a sustainable system involves proper design and accurate water scheduling through the latest technology in green watering solutions.

Weather Stations: Weather stations determine an accurate watering schedule based on weather conditions that will save you money, benefit the environment and lead to a healthier landscape.

Rain Sensors: All Thomas Irrigation Systems are equipped with a Rain Sensor which automatically powers off your irrigation system when it detects a specified amount of natural rainfall. The system will not resume its watering schedule until the sensor is completely dry.

Flow Meters: Flow meters monitor the correct amount of water distributed per zone. If the amount changes due to leaks, valve failure or broken heads, the meter will automatically shut the zone down. This can save homeowners money in wasted water.

Low Volume Irrigation: Offers precise watering on smaller areas that are sloped or dense with plant species – reducing overspray, over watering and runoff. Efficient control of water results in substantial savings.

Service: Some factors can not be properly monitored by technology alone. Our service technicians will oversee each aspect of your system on a regular basis. An inspection, including testing of all parts and controller settings is vital to maintaining maximum efficiency.

Green Lighting

Energy conservation is paramount. At Thomas, our installers make conscious choices to best conserve energy and in turn save you money. Our green low voltage lighting alternative which uses LED bulbs has the following benefits:

Our qualified staff would be happy to discuss green alternatives for your Irrigation and Lighting needs. Contact us for more information.