Grass and garden areas require different amounts and frequencies of watering. Plant species, soil types, root systems and weather patterns all have an effect on your watering schedules. We take these factors into consideration when designing, installing and servicing your custom irrigation system.


Thomas Irrigation & Lighting uses only top quality products and tools from industry standard manufacturer Rainbird and Hunter Industries. We stand behind our products and have 3-5 year warranties on all parts and labour.


Our irrigation designs always begin with either an assessment of your existing property or a drawing outlining a future landscape development. For existing properties, a walk-through is essential for gathering information such as water source, plant and soil types, sprinkler spacing and timer location. Our team will recommend the right type of irrigation for each area, such as sprayheads, rotorheads or driplines.


All of our systems are installed with a certified irrigation contractor on site. At Thomas, we take into consideration factors that others may overlook – properly buried sprinklers that are completely hidden when possible, valve boxes that are accessible and don’t interfere with the landscape, and protected wires and pipe buried at sufficient depths. Rain sensors are included free of charge and backflow preventers are installed by licensed plumbers to ensure your family’s safety from outside materials.


It’s important for our team to make appropriate adjustments to your system throughout the growing season. A regular inspection, including testing of all parts and controller settings, ensures your top quality product remains top quality. We offer our clients a variety of service packages that meet their individual needs.